Wai Thai clients know that everything in Wai Thai salons is designed for the most important people- our clients! That means we not just know your name, your favorite therapist, but we also foresee your call and a precise time and procedure you want, so without asking any questions we shall just do our best room and your favorite aroma.

Wai Thai subscription makes you a welcome guest in our salons and allows to get a good discount for your loyalty

Wai Thai subscription – massive savings!

We have 5 types of Wai Thai subscribers:

Абонемент на тайский массаж и СПА 10%
Massage and SPA subscription 10% discount - 17 000 RUR
Valid for 6 months.
Абонемент на тайский массаж и СПА 20%
Massage and SPA subscription 20% discount - 25 000 RUR.
Valid for 6 months.
Абонемент на тайский массаж и СПА 10%
subscription «Dobroye utro (Goo Morning)» - 25% discount from 11 to 15 on work days – 35 000 RUR.
Valid for 6 months.
Абонемент на тайский массаж и СПА 20%
subscription «Zolotoy (Gold)» 30% discount- 100 000 RUR.
Valid for 1 year!

Subscpiprion «Bezlimitsniy (Ni limits)» - is a new exclusive offer from Wai Thai. If you can’t imagine your life without massage, drive around Moscow a lot and have a lot of trips in Russia it’s the best solution for you. Within a year you can go to ANY of Wai Thai salons for SPA and massage without any limitations with a discount of 30%. Cost of this subscription is 300 000 RUR.

  • It has your name on it so it cannot be transferred to any third person
  • Your family and friend can use it but only in your presence
  • The subscription can be bought on-line only

General rules

  • You can use your subscription only in a certain Wai Thai salon you’ve chosen (except for «Bezlimitniy (No limits)»
  • Your relatives and friends can come with you and use your subscription!
  • The amount of discount is written on the card.

Benefits of subscription

  • Priority appointment for the time you chose
  • You can invite friends
  • Appointment to your favourite massage therapist
  • Special offer for subscription owners
  • Money saving
  • New – you can buy massage subscriber and get SPA as a present at our website
  • New – subscription with no limits (visits are not limited and you are not attached to a certain Wai Thai)
  • You can buy subscription for yourself or as a present in Wai Thai salon, on Wai Thai website and start it in any Wai Thai salon later.