Your comfort in Wai Thai is our aim. We really want you to be able to feel absolutely peaceful and quiet and not to be distracted, so we offer our etiquette rules:

  1. We recommend to make an appointment in advance so you will be sure the procedure you chose is available at the time you want. When you call for appointment we will offer you to chose a massage therapist who will make for you a cosmetic blend and a herbal cocktail. Administrator shall write down all your requests.
  2. For appointments call 250-53-99 from 11.00 to 23.00 seven days a week.
  3. Please do not be late, come earlier if possible (it’s better to come 15 minutes prior to the procedure so you have time to change your clothes, enjoy a cup of flavored tea and to make a note in your personal SPA-card in quiet). We are sorry to inform you that your being late can affect the time you have for the procedure as any changes can affect Wai Thai other clients.
  4. If for any reason you cannot come please inform us in no less than 24 hours so other clients can use this time
  5. Quality of service and your comfort are our biggest value. We kindly ask you to turn off your mobile phones and other electronic devices- please respect other clients franquillity.
  6. We strongly recommend to read the list of potential contraindication prior the procedure and tell us if you have any diseases. You can ask the administrator for the list.
  7. Wai Thai will give you all you need to have a full relaxation — hot shower, towels, massage clothes, slippers and other things.
  8. Please note, smoking is forbidden.
  9. We recommend ladies not to apply makeup and men – not to shave (at least 3 hours ) prior the facial care procedures.
  10. «Tips» for our specialists are absolutely up to you, but we recommend it to be no more than 10% of the procedure cost.
  11. Your comments, notices and offers concerning our SPA can be made in the book of comments and suggestions, which you can ask for at reception.

We hope for your understanding and Wai Thai etiquette rules observation

Have a nice rest in Wai Thai.